A women’s shelter that provides services for women and children who are exposed to domestic violence.


At Kvinnohuset we use the following definition of violence:

”Violence is any act directed against another person, who by his/her act hurts, pains, frightens offends, gets the victim to do something against their will or to stop doing something the victim wants to do”

Per Isdal, The Meaning of violence, 2001


Have you been exposed to threats, violence or other abuse by your partner, former partner or someone else in your near family? If so, you have been subjected to a crime and is entitled to support and protection.

Kvinnohuset Kassandra is run by social workers with years of experience working with women and children who are victims of domestic violence. We offer help to people who define themselves as women regardless of sexual orientation. Kvinnohuset has been active since 1996 and is politically and religiously unbound.

If you have questions about abuse, want to help someone you know, we have the knowledge to help you. Kvinnohuset can give you support and advice by phone or provide counselling in person. The counselling is free of charge and you can choose to be anonymous.

If you wish to stay at our shelter you need to contact the social services in the area you live.


The children:

In our shelter we welcome accompanying children up to the age of 18. It can be difficult for a child to witness or be exposed to violence. Often, the children carry emotions of insecurity, concern and anxiety and need help to process their experiences in a safe environment. Kvinnohuset seek to make the children visible so that their fundamental needs and rights are being met.


Call us at Kvinnohuset Kassandra, we can help!

Phone number: 031- 14 00 22